Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Thing 23 (yes!): Making it all work together

I tried to add social media to Flipboard. I failed. I put the app on my tablet but I couldn't find the 4 squares. I also checked online how to do it but I clicked into everything and couldn't find what I was supposed to. So I then tried Hootsuite. Success. It was hard and a pain to set up and all, but I did it. It has access to some Facebook accounts and Twitter. I clicked on the owl and went as if to send a message but I didn't actually send one - it was just for the practice. I don't think I would use these tools in my job because it's a small library and patrons generally phone or email. However, I might use them - or they may be more useful for - event planning outside of work. Plus, we never know where our path may take us and where they may be just what we need!

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  1. Congratulations on completing all 23 things!