Saturday, April 28, 2018

Thing 19: Podcasts

I made a podcast a few days ago using Audacity but when I went back into it today it's gone! My boyfriend has advised me to start over! Here goes!

Okay, I did it. I had to delete the ending and rerecord it, so that was some editing practice. My boyfriend showed me how to do it. Then came the real fun of adding a music track at the start and end. I didn't know about rights for this. I didn't figure it out by Googling it either. I was looking at Google Play and wondering if I could purchase a track from there. Luckily Gustavo is a retired musician so I was able to use one of his recordings. He sent me the track via Facebook as a JPEG but it isn't really a JPEG and it didn't work or open so then he shared it with me using Google Drive and we downloaded it. He put it on Audacity for me - 15 seconds at either end. He then uploaded the completed file onto Soundcloud from where I'd saved it in Dropbox. He gave me a lot of help. I am keen to get the task done as the deadline is very close and I'm on Thing 19 out of 23.

Here is the podcast. I talked as Gaeilge - mostly! - about a book called Foclóiropedia: a journey through the Irish language from arán to zú.

I didn't feel there was any point in me selecting the other option - where you listen to, subscribe to, rate, and review a podcast of your choice. I have listened to Librarians Aloud before and often listen to the podcasts on Today FM. I'm not keen to subscribe to a podcast as I prefer to find them when I would like to listen to them! It was much more of a challenge to make my own, and I am fortunate I was able to get help. I had a friend who used to have her own radio show and I remember her spending hours editing. It takes a lot of dedication!

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