Monday, April 2, 2018

Thing 14: Personal Information Management

For this task I have to use Evernote and two smaller tools.

I wanted to use my Google account to login but the site told me it doesn't exist (it does)! It eventually recognised it. Phew! 

I have to put up a display of craft books next week so I created my first note which is a list of things I want to do for it over the weekend. I see that you can set reminders but I decided not to go that far.

I've downloaded the Evernote web clipper extension. I saved three webpages into my notebook (I was at first unsure if I was saving them into Evernote or Pinterest, but it was Evernote). However, they don't look as I thought they would and initially weren't helpful to me. I found that there are different ways to save things. Full Page works well for me. Also, I didn't know how to change the name of the notebook from First Notebook to something more meaningful but was able to Google how to do so and it was easy!

I made two other notebooks - one called Form for a form I'm working on and another called Today's List for today's to-do list. It's nice to see the three notebooks in rows. It's easy to delete them too, which is great. It is a pretty nice site.

This is a good idea, as we I sometimes come across things I'd like to read later. I found 3 blogs and saved an article from each of them: a recipe, a travel feature, and an interview as Gaeilge. It was easy to save, tag, open, and delete them!

I saved one food and several library-related blogs to Feedly. This could be a handy way to maintain a sense of what's new in the world of books!

I don't know how Pocket and Feedly would work together but they do seem useful! I found this task time-consuming. I had aimed to do one Thing each day over the Easter break but instead I only completed this one. It was interesting though!


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